The CONCACAF Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious sporting events in North America. This year’s edition will take place from July 7th-26th and feature some top teams from around Canada, USA & Mexico! There has been a lot of hype leading up to this event with many people predicting which team might win it all but don’t forget about our special offer – get guaranteed odds for any match by betting at the best spotter.

  • CONCACAF Gold Cup Soccer Betting Guide for 2022Since the CONCACAF Gold Cup was first contested in 1991, it has been one of the most prestigious tournaments for national teams. The 16 nations that form this confederation play at their respective continental championship finals and many consider the qualification threshold to be reaching three consecutive knock-out stages or winning two games on home soil (or both).
  • The six automatic places will be handed down to the countries that have qualified for and at last FIFA World Cup finals.
  • The CONCACAF Nations League is the new qualifying competition for international football, and it has already seen some interesting results. The other 10 countries qualify through this league while four spots are reserved in advance as well so that an additional team can compete at next year’s World Cup—which will be held in Russia!
  • The top four teams in this confederation based on their FIFA World Rankings are seeds for the draw.

    CONCACAF Gold Cup Soccer Betting Guide for 2022

  • When the deadline for qualifying ends, four groups will be selected to move on in this competition.
  • The 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup will be one of the most exciting tournaments in years, with all four teams fighting to avoid playing against each other twice. The final matches are set up so that no team has an easy path towards victory! There’s always the potential for drama and shocks at this event – just look what happened last time when Canada unexpectedly lost 3-2 after leading 2 goals late into injury time.
  • From now on, it’s a race to see who can get into the final with two spots left! The top counties from each group will advance and compete in this round.
  • The competition is tough, but the final victory will be sweet!
  • The Gold Cup is a prestigious international soccer tournament that has been held every year since 1963. This year’s champions will be crowned on Saturday, and this game could not come at a better time for our country!
  • The host nation for the tournament finals is chosen from among CONCACAF confederation member states.

You can bet on any of the 11 nations that are competing in this year’s Concacaf Gold Cup. The most popular wagers include Spain to win, Mexico at home vs Costa Rica and Brazil away v Columbia. The types o slots available for betting vary depending upon what sort you want: either 1X2 odds which means there is an even chance they will reach 2 goals within 90 minutes (e)or a 5/6 game.